Tobii Interaction Library SDK

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The Interaction Library SDK is distributed with 32 bit and 64 bit C# WPF assemblies for Windows, and 64 bit for Linux, macOS and Android. Let's assume we have downloaded a zip file with the SDK version for Windows with a dynamic 64 bit library. We can now unzip this into a directory of our choice, for example C:\src, so that we there have this content:


Building the C# WPF sample

We will now build the C# WPF sample located in samples\wpf, using msbuild. The Interaction Library C# and WPF assemblies are referenced properly in the sample .csproj file, and the required native shared libraries will be properly copied to the sample output directory after the build.

Command Line

Assuming that our command line build environment is properly set up (for instance, by using Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017 in the Windows menu), this is the command line we need to build the C# WPF sample project in samples\wpf:

C:\src>msbuild samples/wpf/Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp/Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp.csproj /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=x64 /verbosity:minimal

The output is the executable Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp.exe in samples\wpf\Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp\bin\x64\Release\, which we now can run from the command line:


NOTE! If we instead download the SDK with a 32 bit dynamic library for Windows, change the /p:Platform=x64 parameter above to /p:Platform=x86. The output will be in samples\wpf\Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp\bin\x86\Release\.

Visual Studio

Building the sample in Visual Studio is a s simple as opening, building and running samples\wpf\Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp\Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp.csproj.

Reference Documentation

The contents of the sample file samples\wpf\Tobii.InteractionLib.Wpf.SampleApp\MainWindow.xaml.cs is looked at in detail in the Sample walkthrough