C# Binding Sample Complete Code

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using System;
namespace CSharpSample
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
// create the interaction library
Tobii.InteractionLib.IInteractionLib intlib =
// assume single screen with size 2560x1440 and use full screen (not window local) coordinates
const float width = 2560.0f;
const float height = 1440.0f;
const float offset = 0.0f;
intlib.CoordinateTransformAddOrUpdateDisplayArea(width, height);
intlib.CoordinateTransformSetOriginOffset(offset, offset);
// setup ids and rectangles that define the interactors we want to use (one in each corner of the screen),
// then add them to the interaction library
const ulong idA = 0;
const ulong idB = 1;
const ulong idC = 2;
const ulong idD = 3;
const float size = 500.0f;
var rectA = new Tobii.InteractionLib.Rectangle( 0, 0, size, size);
var rectB = new Tobii.InteractionLib.Rectangle(width - size, 0, size, size);
var rectC = new Tobii.InteractionLib.Rectangle( 0, height - size, size, size);
var rectD = new Tobii.InteractionLib.Rectangle(width - size, height - size, size, size);
const float z = 0.0f;
intlib.AddOrUpdateInteractor(idA, rectA, z);
intlib.AddOrUpdateInteractor(idB, rectB, z);
intlib.AddOrUpdateInteractor(idC, rectC, z);
intlib.AddOrUpdateInteractor(idD, rectD, z);
// this is used to keep track of focus events (See below)
ulong focusId = ulong.MaxValue - 1;
uint focusCount = 0;
// subscribe to gaze focus events
// print event data to console when called and count the number of consecutive focus events
intlib.GazeFocusEvent += e =>
Console.WriteLine("Interactor: {0}, focused: {1}, timestamp: {2} us",
if (e.hasFocus)
focusCount = focusId == e.interactorId ? focusCount + 1 : 1;
focusId = e.interactorId;
// setup and maintain device connection, wait for device data between events and
// update interaction library to trigger all callbacks
// stop after 3 consecutive focus events on the same interactor
Console.WriteLine("Starting interaction library update loop.");
const uint MaxFocusCount = 3;
while (focusCount < MaxFocusCount)
Console.WriteLine("Interactor {0} got focused {1} times", focusId, focusCount);
// cleanup - here done explicitly with Dispose(). The alternative is to use a using statement,
// which implicitly disposes an instance when the scope is left.
/// [destroy]